The Sound Sniffer’s Lockdown Mixtape | #012

After a couple of days re-charging the batteries, The Sound Sniffer’s Lockdown Mixtape is back for episode twelve. A series dedicated to sharing the world’s most promising new underground artists (and some bigger names too), this mixtape delves deep into the blog’s submissions inbox. The aim is to uncover the songs with a unique edge – strictly no generic pop slush allowed, no trap hi hats or automated T-Pain vocals, damn you T-Pain.

Hiatus / Arrival

To open up proceedings, we have a wonderful new single from acclaimed journalist/electronic music producer, Cyrus Shahrad. Releasing his blissful soundscapes under the moniker of Hiatus, this Iranian music maker (based in South London) has been making music to ease the mind, songs that are also known as musical antibiotics (tracks only prescribed and administered by the best DJ’s). Shahrad’s music is steeped in melancholic flavours and tranquil electronic elements, a kind of chill that acts as a welcome form of therapy in these ridiculous days we are living. His latest offering, Arrival, arrived early last Friday morning and brought a whole reflective energy with it too.

The track opens up with a translated excerpt from The Guest House, a poem by Jalaluddin Rumi and progresses into gentle mash-up of kicks, bass and eerie strings. It’s not since Kiasmos’ single Looped that I’ve been this emotionally involved in an electronic piece of music. This song gave me brief hiatus from the stressers of our current life and for that, I’m grateful. Thanks for the tune Cyrus.

Son Lux / Prophecy

Been listening to Son Lux ever since their bouncy, uplifting Easy chirped it’s way onto my iPod years ago. I’m fairly sure my rambling words won’t make too much difference in the development of this band, they already have a gigantic fan base all around the world. Still, their new single Prophecy just had to be mentioned this evening. ‘Lux have always had a commendably unique feel to their tracks, Prophecy is no different. Soulful vocals, off-beat percussion and glistening guitars pave the way in this new atmospheric release. Son Lux have always been a band for the crate diggers, for the indie obsessed and alternative eclectics – Check, check and check!!

Wavescapes / Passing By

Another downtempo electronic piece here, this time Dutch outfit Wavescapes supply the shimmering sounds. I’ve been listening to their plucky, minimal Passing By single for weeks. It’s been on shuffle in my submission inbox ever since one of the lads passed it through – honestly, having first listen to music of this quality puts a great big smile on my face. These guys have a production style that’s not dissimilar to Cologne’s Felix Dreiser. Minimal, non-intrusive and loaded with crisp textures. Big shout out to the sax too – it really brings a unique charm. I’m not going to write much more about this one, my words certainly won’t do the song itself enough justice. I’d advise anyone passing through here to check it out with a nice warm cup of tea by the fire. A beauty.

HAERTS / It’s Too Late

German indie pop duo HAERTS have captured my attention with their quirky and catchy single ‘It’s Too Late‘. This is the pair’s second single of 2020 following the less impactful, For The Sky, which surfaced in early October. Nini Fabi’s vocals on the latest release is where the addiction lies – It’s Too Late is the epitomy of a song that comes alive on second listen. You may acknowledge it on first glance…but you will be bobbing your head around during the second helping. Powerfully constucted indie pop here and a song well worth a spin! Listen before it’s too late.

Monmoi / Fleeting

London’s George David aka Monmoi is a new experimental indie electronic musician on the scene in the capital. I’ve shared his music on the site earlier in the year and he has just released his most impressive single to date with Fleeting. It’s kind of got a Phil Collins feel to it (you know, that famous tune he had, the cholocate one) – a soft, simple percussion pattern provides an impressive backdrop for David’s heavily filtered vocal notes to flourish. Monmoi’s music might not be everyone’s cup of tea, some of his recent tunes have missed the mark a little (in my opinion). However, I have to say, this new track is highly intelligent and filled to the brim with subtle sounds that chime in the background. This is more like it, this is top quality! I’ve the height of respect for this guy and this song! One to watch.

Marty Crown / Queen Of Sadness

An out and out pop tune to close the friday edition of The Lockdown Mixtape. It’s been a nice collection and no better way to finish up than with a vibrant pop tune from Kazakhstan. Marty Crown is one of Kazakhstan’s most exciting prospects and has already received acclaim in mega publications around the world. Queen of Sadness is absolutely outstanding, it sounds like a mix between the Nordic styled vocals of Sia with the danceble rhythms of Sylvan Esso, in one wonderfully uplifting ball. Marty Crown might strive to be our Queen Of Sadness but the production behind her emits far too many uplifting notes.

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