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Stevie Ray

We end the day with a really nice and chilled tune coming out of LA this week from Stevie Ray. Nothing But Love features vocals from Kristina Urgel and a verse from J.Lately. I haven’t listened to rap in a ridiculously long time. Listening to G-Unit and Flipmode Squad when I was a pup was the norm. My early obsession with rap even went as far as listening to mediocre Southern rappers like Juvenile, Wacko and Skip in my younger years. Perhaps that was a little over-the-top, looking back.

Nothing But Love was sent in here last week and I was taken by it’s simplicity and languid mannerisms. This is a quality rap effort in my book and I’ve listened to it well over ten times since. It may rest in the commercial category on the whole, but has just enough mustard to warrant a few extra intent spins. The tempo of this track and Stevie Ray’s flow is reminiscent of Macklemore. Extremely chill and easy on the ear!

Whatever style this is, I am craving more of it. Cheers Stevie Ray!

Nothing But Love (feat. Kristina Urgel)

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