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Paddy Dennehy

Its been a little while since I dipped my toe in some new Irish music. The problem with being based over in London is that I feel obliged to support London based musicians for the growth of the brand. Recently, finding music from my own homeland has been put on the back-burner. I’ll will nip this in the bud tonight with a powerful single from Cork-based songwriter Paddy Dennehy.

I must admit, I had absolutely no clue what Dennehy was singing about in this one until I did a bit of Google researching. ‘Abednego‘ is a single with some religious connotations in its lyrics. The chorus bellows the names of ‘Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego’ – three Hebrew men thrown into a furnace by the King of Babylon. They didn’t die though, they walked away unharmed and became important members of the kingdom in the end. The song describes how love can overcome all evil and will ‘burn higher’. That is what I took from it anyway – this is a very raw and intense tune. I still cannot make out if it is dark or uplifting, which is weird.

Dennehy puts his heart and soul into it and I can’t help but compare his vigorous vocal style to that of Glen Hansard. He has been on the go a good few years but this is just the third solo single released thus far. It definitely turned my head enough for me to commit to a babble of typed words!

Yee might like it too! Paddy Dennehy is a talent.

Paddy Dennehy – Abednego

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