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Another week begins and we are still locked in, waiting for this bloody thing to disappear. Some have gone back to work today in London and some are even thinking of putting their children back in the classroom. I suppose normality will have to return at some stage but the fear of infection and spreading the sickness have me firmly barricaded at home. I’ve been sitting in my home in Hertfordshire since March 13 and have been blessed to have this website to keep me busy.

I even tried to work on some SEO’s for The Sound Sniffer this morning (I must be getting VERY bored). Thankfully, I’ve decided to ignore optimizing the site in favor of writing more babble. Today’s tune was passed my direction by a friend of mine over the Insta chat-box. It’s a tune from London experimental artist Bearcubs called Underwaterfall. The song was released in 2017 and somehow slipped my radar completely.

It’s synth-y, experimental and totally fantastic. This tune has all of those trippy James Blake hallmarks that I love. Distorted vocals, chiming melodies and outrageous blaring synths. This stop-start tune is just the right sound the accompany the start of a new week. I am drinking a pot of Actimel in the garden, looking around and listening to Bearcubs’ musical creations, old and new. Things are looking up. Here’s to a good week, everyone.

Oh, he has new music out this week too – Check out Bearcubs new album ‘Early Hours‘ below.


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