London Audio Engineer MUNGO Smashes it With ‘Pink Electronic’

Mungo London

Mungo is a student studying audio engineering, by day – A barnstorming electronic producer, by night. Yesterday, I was scrolling through my localized London submissions on a new platform aimed at promoting new music called Muso Soup. I stumbled upon the outstanding EP from this young lad.

I have to admit, I like using this new site, created by The Finsbury‘s gig booker, Chris Sharpe. His platform is filled with the newest UK based underground artists. Not every tune is of a high standard but there is still a good chance of unearthing hidden gems. Sharpe has been working on the live scene in London for many years. Muso Soup is filled with lots of the talent he has been working with throughout his career as a blogger, booker and manager. This makes it a super site for me to peruse as a London-Based blog and offer free coverage to anyone that tickles my fancy. As an Irishman living in London – it’s important for me to dive into communities like this in order to survive as a relevant London Blog. My original roots aren’t grounded in the music scene here.

Mungo’s EP

The latest artist to stop me in my tracks is Mungo. I found his second EP And It Went Like… last night and was wholly impressed by the standard of his productions. The opening track Pink Electronic is a hellishly catchy and infectious tune. The tune features vocals from frequent collaborator ZANDI. This is a bouncy, energetic and high tempo release with all the right party-starting ingredients thrown in. I have listened to it like five times today.

Pink Electronic is not the only tune worth mentioning from this EP collection. The breakbeat infused and acidic ‘Arcturus‘ is well put together. Lone Trip is another that stands out for a special mention – there’s big Jon Hopkins (Open Eye Signal) influence to be observed in that one. All in all, it’s fair to say that Mungo is well capable of making a real go of it on the London electronic scene. Top Stuff.

Check out the full EP here.


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