Electronic Music | Crate Digging #10

As people in the UK start wandering past my window in large groups to sit in the parks together. I shake my head in disapproval but luckily enough can find solace in some newly released electronic gems this week. The electronic crate dig is back for it’s weekly addition – this collection is the tenth edition – time is flying by.

This week we feature music from Slug Father / Jacana People / Baiyou / Inigo Montoya / Mononome

Inigo Montoya – E.S

My favourite French electronic outfit Inigo Montoya (who have featured many times on The Sound Sniffer before) are back again with another barnstorming flash of noise. E.S is the latest track from the eclectic and abrasive group. Their music is not for the feint-hearted – Montoya’s sound is heavy, intense and sensationally obnoxious. I think if this new one was played out on proper speakers in a nightclub, the place would have to be evacuated. Everyone would be transported into a wild trance and the DJ would have no option but to announce that the party was finished.

The brooding synths, the experimental percussion and those children screaming the lyrics – this is a wild concoction! Echo Orange is a superb label over in France – they have both Montoya and Wugo on their books. Two solid electronic artists! Take a listen to E.S if you feel up to it. Make sure the neighbours are out.

Inigo Montoya – .E.S

Jacana People – Amaya

London duo Jacana People have been featured here before. It’s safe to say that I’m an early supporter of their blend of electronic. Their new single Amaya is out now and is most definitely their most polished to date. This track has all the subtly of Max Cooper in it’s melodies mixed with a Recondite styled backdrop. This is mellow electronic music, the type of sound that’s perfect for accompanying my late night reading.

Jacana People have rightly received plenty of love for this track and it’s looking like they are moving in the right direction. Various BBC outlets have supported their early releases. Long may the rise continue – Looking forward to seeing them play a set when all is back to normal again.

Jacana People – Amaya

Slug Father – Think Of You

I don’t now if I love this track because it sounds like Kenton Slash Demon (sun) or if it’s just wonderful in it’s own right. Either way, ‘Think Of You‘ got me up off my chair and swaying around the room in a quaint mind-space. The uplifting, bubbling synths chime away and evoke good memories as the down pitched vocals ripple around in the foreground. There is an uncanny semblance to Kenton about the production of this one, I don’t say it in a bad way – I bloody love them.

I will stick this one here – it’s a powerfully chirpy electronic tune.

Slug Father – Think Of You

Baiyou – Same Mistakes

London based Baiyou is a new producer on the UK scene. I came across his superb production Same Mistakes a couple of weeks ago. This is something a bit more thought provoking and exciting than your ordinary electronic effort. Baiyou has managed to successfully distort the vocals of a pop song and transform the whole thing into something inspiring.

Using sounds he gathered from around his flat in London, Rihanna’s mushed up vocals and a squeaky toy, Same Mistakes was born. This track is top quality. I sat down for a chat with the man himself late last month and will be uploading the full interview on the site soon.

Check out Same Mistakes below.

Baiyou – Same Mistakes

Mononome – Don’t Come Back

This isn’t necessarily a new track by any stretch of the imagination but it’s one I stumbled upon this week. Mononome is a Jazz noir/ Trip Hop producer who just struck a chord with me as I compiled a playlist late last night. His track Don’t Come Back is a tasty thing and just the kind of sound I wanted to find on my hunt. I searched for this tune on Google just there, to dig out a big of extra info on the producer and was entertained by the lyric page for this single.

”If you don’t” (X20)
”Don’t Come Back” (X20)

Instrumentally, this tune is right up there with RDJ2 – Ghostwriter!

Mononome – Don’t Come Back

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