‘Monmoi’ is London’s Newest LoFi Darling |Single Review – I’ll Be Your Friend

Today marked the release of a truly impressive debut from London’s very own Monmoi. I’ve been searching for an exciting new London based talent to share for a few weeks now. I think Noé Solange, was the last big local discovery featured on The Sound Sniffer, who hailed from the capital. I’ll Be Your Friend is the first tune released by Monmoi and I’m fairly certain that this lengthy lockdown has induced it.

Loads of musicians are now exporting the tunes they’ve been sleeping on for years. As the days pass by in lockdown, countless producers are busy putting the finishing touches to projects they wouldn’t have had time to otherwise. Monmoi’s music is one of these hidden gems and a by-product of the pandemic. I have been digging deep recently, trying to find the gems in the pile – it’s been painstaking. Finding a soft and chirpy track like ‘I’ll Be Your Friend’ makes it all worth it.

This track is smooth and silky – it’s like one of them Topman or Hollister playlist tunes (Not that I shop there). The synths and guitars ripple around together and induce an uplifting, summery mood. This is a tune worthy of playing around a swimming pool in the Canaries, whilst sipping on a strong Mojito.

It’s Day 53 of official lockdown and I’m starting to crave normality again. I’m daydreaming about that very day where I’ll be sipping on a Mojito, by a swimming pool, in the Canaries, Listening to MonmoiI’ll Be Your Friend.

That day will come and it will be totally amazing!!!

Monmoi – I’ll Be Your Friend


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