City Park / Who Am I

Dutch lads City Park is the brainchild of duo Saux and Sjaak and have been making some groovy little beats of late. Their latest single titled ‘Who Am I‘ was released last Friday! This is yet another ode to the pop style of Jai Paul and Ben Khan. The filtered guitar seems to be a trending sound at the moment, nearly ten years since Jai dropped it in his debut single ‘Jasmine‘. Swedish producer Strom is also working up beats in the same mold over the last few months.

City Park execute this style pretty well to be honest, Sjaak‘s smooth and languid vocals sooth the mind as the guitar ripples around in the background. This is a chirpy song that drifts along quite pleasantly – these two have a nice chemistry between them. This a chilled one!

Check out the single below. Decent!

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