Noé Solange / Nocturnal Lady

We are delighted to bring you a new artist on the London scene. Noé Solange is a Dutch singer and producer who is now living in the UK and releasing some slick electronic sounds. Her second single to date is titled ‘Nocturnal Lady‘ – it has just been released over the last weekend.

Solange has a super languid style to her work and her smooth voice compliments the down-tempo electronic backdrop perfectly. This song has a wonderful throwback feel to it. The glistening synths ripple away nicely with plenty of arpeggios to enjoy. Nocturnal Lady is one of my favourite submissions of 2020 thus far.

This song reminds me of the early version of Miike Snow‘s live show. The synth work is in same vein. I bloody loved that band, hence why I’m completely behind this single too!!

Have a listen for yourselves.

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