Zilla With Her Eyes Shut / Whisper Whisper

Some really bizarre, yet catchy, stuff from London based Parisian singer Zilla With Her Eyes Shut. Her debut album is going to be released in three days and I’m well excited. I was sent the single ‘Whisper Whisper‘ last week and was pretty blown away by it’s wildness. The track features booming synths, mad glitch-y effects and strong, powerful vocals. It sounds like M.I.A on steroids.

Zilla is a big figure in the London Hip-Hop scene since she moved to London from Paris at the age of eighteen. She has written songs for Wretch 32 and Tinie Tempah to name a few. Being well known in the field – she has had the privilege of working with trippy sound designer Matthew Herbert to mold her unique blend of mad-house music. Herbert has worked with the best in the business, including Roisin Murphy. His solo works are also pretty class.

All things considered, this is going to be a really exciting album. Expect the unexpected and brace yourself for some crazy moments. Whisper whisper is as mad as a bag of feral spiders.

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