Electronic Friday #6 | Catford Gyrations / Parakeets

Mother of christ – This is a song I’ve been listening to since back in January. I was sent this on SubmitHub and have been listening to the glorious bird chirping fueled soundscape in the inter-meaning months. I completely forgot I had not shared out a review until now when I gave my inbox a little glance again – I apologize for my ridiculous delay in sharing this. It’s not full electronic per say, but the Reggaeton chords give it a nice fusion.

Catford Gyrations is the moniker of Andy Jones a London-Based musician who is unsurprisingly living near Catford, on the South East of the city. He used to be part of an indie band called Kicker from 1999 until 2005. Since then he was been busy with various projects and trying to collect the sounds for his new solo project ‘Catford Gyrations’. On January the 3rd he released the debut four song EP titled ‘A205‘ and I was sent the opening track ‘Parakeets’.

The track features the a boss bass-line, wavy synth-lines and the occasional parakeet chirp sample. The song is absolutely perfect to have on in the background if you are doing a bit of cleaning around the house. I probably get this feeling as I used to live in and run a small hostel in North West London that was home to fifteen parakeets flying around the lobby room. It was a mad time – this song gives me throwback thoughts. A really chilled and well constructed track from start to finish. Respect!!

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