Electronic Friday #5 | Kicktracks x Kehard / Truly

I think Kicktracks is my most shared artist in The Sound Sniffer history. The Russian beat-maker keeps coming out with the slickest and most chill songs every time. This time he is teamed up with Kehard again for another installment of LoFi bliss. He is a killer with a maschine and has been spreading his music with the people of Bali over recent months. He is currently in Japan so I hope he stays healthy and free from virus. He has a better chance there than the abysmally lax UK at present.

Stay at home – Listen to Truly – Relax for a few weeks. We have the tunes covered, write a book/listen to music and protect the elderly and sick. Thanks for making another nice tune Evgeniy – I love it yet again.

COVID-19 advice: https://www2.hse.ie/conditions/coronavirus/coronavirus.html

Our Quarantine Playlists:

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