Hannah Elkins / Cloud Nine

Written by: Nick Corbin

Cloud Nine” is a title sure to peak the interest of any fan of soulful music through the decades, evoking memories of the Motown Classic made famous by The Temptations, Marvin Gaye, Gladys Knight et al.
However, this modern gem, written and performed by up-and-coming songstress Hannah Elkins, brings a welcome freshness to proceedings with its neo-soul/jazz-funk progressions, swirling synths and dreamy, ethereal chorus.

I first became aware of Elkins at an acoustic evening in East London last September and was blown away by the quality and versatility of her voice. The strength of her songwriting was evident in both her singles to date, “After The Midnight” and “Hideaway”, so I was excited to hear what this effort had to offer.

“Cloud Nine” showcases a more delicate side to Hannah’s vocal, which contrasts beautifully with the track’s solid groove. Props, also, to Elliott Wenman and Niko Battistini: their production gives the song the space it needs, with subtle earworms expertly scattered throughout.
 Altogether it’s a breezy, uplifting listen, enough to take your mind elsewhere at a time where respite is more welcome than ever.

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Nick Corbin

“Nick Corbin is a singer-songwriter, formerly of New Street Adventure, who released two albums on Acid Jazz Records in recent years. For info on Nick’s upcoming solo releases visit www.nickcorbin.co.uk

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