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Jan wagner

As we are forced to stay in our homes until further notice – it’s only natural that people will become restless and anxious as the weeks go on. It’s looking increasingly likely that we are going to be suppressed in our collective homes for months and months to come. For most, this will be a painstaking and turbulent time. In my case, I am used to spending long periods of time in isolation (Hence why I started this blog) – it hopefully won’t be too challenging for me. We need to look after our elders and the weaker individuals in our society and fully heed the WHO’s call for action.

I was out walking yesterday and was taken aback by the amount of people letting their kids run free around the playgrounds. Common sense must prevail, keep your kids separated from other kids, children are the chief spreaders of this thing. Today marked quite a big milestone for us all in London, finally after months of terrible storms we are treated with our first day of full sunshine since September. It was a strangely vile winter here and the sun is a welcome boost to all of our spirits.

As the front doors of the nation begin to slowly shut behind us, we need something to do while we are stuck inside. My main pastime is music of course and finding the newest and best songs is what I would be doing with or without the virus. More than ever, the music industry will be receiving it’s highest influx of listeners in modern history. People are going on YouTube binges, Spotify Crawls and Bandcamp trawls. Our job at The Sound Sniffer becomes even more important now, we must try and isolate and promote the best possible music. Music people deserve to hear during these weirdly subdued months ahead.

Today an album was released by mega talented pianist/producer Jan Wagner. As I sat up in the bed this morning with a tiny feeling of angst coming over me, I took in the album and lay back, wallowing in the calming soundscape. Wagner’s emotive, deft and mystical style is something to cherish. Anyone feeling down about things, find your head space again and take in this beautiful little album. The stand out track for me is ‘Kapitel 28‘. The song starts off with beautifully balanced chords and finishes on a poignant cinematic crescendo that would have any cinema room shaking ( we will be able to go to the movies soon again, don’t worry). This is just the tonic I needed today!

Jan Wagner is a wily character and has done lots of work in the backrooms of Berlin-Based label ‘Ostgut‘ (one of my favourite labels). This is blissful monday quarantine mood music. I tip my hat and bow my head.

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