DG Solaris / Brother I’ll Ask Her

Danny Green is the lead vocalist in London based cult indie band Laish. The Yorkshire-man has been honing his skills around the city since 2008 and is now joined by his wife L.G to form the alias DG Solaris. The pair wrote the matierial that became their debut album ‘Spirit Glow’ on their honeymoon in Peru. When they returned they decided to record the ideas properly in Bella Union Studios. It’s not the usual tale of self isolation whilst writing an album I’m used to – this is pretty cool.

The couple came home from their travels with a bank of around forty songs written which has since been whittled down for the upcoming finished work. They have released their third album taster called ‘Brother I’ll ask her’ – which is really throwback in it’s sound. I really like LG’s vocals towards the end! Top quality indie from the capital yet again.

Danny performed with one of my favourite folk artists Alex Bayly quite a bit over the years so that really earns him brownie points in my estimates. Make sure you check out Bayly’s stuff too and also Green’s orginal band ‘Laish‘, who have some real gems. ‘University‘ is my personal pick!

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