Lucy Charlotte / When The Tide Comes In

lucy charlotte

Written By Isaac Griffiths

The latest single from Lucy Charlotte, “When the Tide Comes In” transports you to a dimly lit, smokey tavern by the shore with weather-beaten old sailors smoking out of pipes with jugs of ale. Lucy’s melancholy vocals sing over a lumbering groove with the occasional unnerving tremolo from a mandolin. A tale is told of a lost loved one, and looking back on the past wondering what might have been had she not lost him to the sea. The song crescendos into a vast Gothic dirge of distorted guitar and haunting vocals before sinking back into its comfortable lumbering groove to a finish.

When the Tide comes in is the single of Lucy Charlotte’s Sophomore EP ‘Wheel of Fortune’ which follows the success of ‘Storm in a Teacup’ which was well received by her local Kent music scene. Lucy began performing at 18 singing in a soul band, where she took in the influences of Joan Baez, Laura Marling, and Lisa Hannigan. Though her music writing began primarily with a folk leaning, this expanded to a bigger, darker, and more cinematic sound with the help of guitarist James Hale, and producers Elliot Norris and Sam Mummery of Good Neighbour Records.

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– About Our Guest Writer –

Isaac Griffiths

Isaac Griffiths is a kiwi musician freshly moved over to London where he co-found music blog Kiwis Listen, with artist Isla.

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