Electronic Friday #04 | FAVELA / Breathing

So, I was sending some emails over to a couple of people on Wednesday evening – I am pretty much allergic to everything involving emails and looking at endless unread inboxes. I get like ten or fifteen submissions a day from random PR companies even though I never ever gave anyone my email address – it’s not rocket science to figure it out though. The reality of blogging is not all fun and games – the emails are relentless and time consuming if you open even a portion of them. I decided last year to streamline the process completely by joining up to SubmitHub to organize my submissions my and mind. I only take submissions there and it’s just about manageable.

Life has become easier – getting back to Wednesday evening anyway – I decided to open some of the emails I had received that day for some reason. I scrolled through a couple and quickly landed at a mail from a woman called Lily at Liberty PR. I opened the song and was really excited by it immediately. The artist in question on this occasion was FAVELA. His new single Breathing is a belter of a tune. This London based producer ticked every box in my personal music approvals box. The song is smooth and non-intrusive.

I would love to have a team of twenty music lovers in my Sniffing team to go through everything. At the minute, it’s just me and sadly some great tunes subsequently slip through the net. FAVELA didn’t slip through thankfully. Really happy to share this one, it’s very well constructed!

We just got listed as the 15th best Independent Music Blog on the Planet.
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