Electronic Sounds // Crate Digging #07

The time has come for another installment of my personal favourite feature here on the site – the electronic crate dig. In modern times, it’s not actually crate digging that I’m doing but renaming the feature something like ‘Digital digging’ sounds awful. What this all entails is five electronic tunes released in the last few weeks that have tickled my fancy. There’s nothing like a good batch of smooth electronic to feed the soul.

In this edition we feature brand new music from Nsiries / Inventions / Murge / Wabisabi / Massane

*side note – a strange bunch of names*

Massane / No Return

Massane is a French producer who has just released his debut EP on Lane 8’s label! The EP is titled ‘Visage 1’ and it is pretty much an EDM styled four track offering. The one track that sounds a bit more dreamy and silky is ‘No Return‘. This is far and away the most intriguing and well thought out track of the EP.

No Return is passes by in a flurry of subtle piano notes and melanchoic textures. This sounds like something on the blissful Kiasmos end of the scale – it is a beautiful mellow electronic track, I’m glad I stumbled upon this one. A suitable start to tonight’s dig.

Wabisabi / Always

Back in Dublin, I used to listen to a producer who was based up the road called Myronik – he harbored a similar style to this one from Wabisabi. ‘Always‘ is a little chilled out track from this brand new Japan based producer Mickey Langley. Lovely soft textures, this man has a great ear for a crisp beat.

This is Wabisabi’s debut single – it’s absolutely superb! The is one for the stress buster playlists. Drink a cup of tea to it. His music has been ten years in the making so I’m really excited to hear more diamonds from him soon. A nice blend.

Inventions / Outlook for the Future

A song with a topical title at this moment in time. Inventions is a mash up between Mark Smith (‘Explosions in the sky‘) and Matthew Cooper (‘Eluvium‘). Outlook for the future is the opening single ripped from their upcoming album ‘Continuous Portrait‘ which drops on May 29.

The melody is like a happy carnival plod – the vocal samples are like something from The Avalanches. I like this, it’s different, distinguished and uplifting.

Nsiries / I’ll Write

Nsiries is an Italian producer born in Sicily and living in Bologna. I visted Sicily once, we stayed in a little village called Trappitello and travelled to the beautiful Taormina most days. I was only like ten years old, but will always hold that trip close to my heart. It was a beautiful island. I can only just imagine travelling around the coastal roads there with this tune blaring – life goals.

I’ll Write is a really worthwhile listen – it’s elegant and minimal. The vocals come from the impressive Thai singer, ‘Cloudy Mars‘, who features on Nsiries only other release ‘Without Me’ also. Both tracks are absolutely sensational – the lush snares that are scattered throughout ‘Without Me’ are joyous. This guy is the real deal!

Murge / Full Flight

I’m a huge fan of DJ Murge – his releases of late have all brought a smile to my face. The first song I took in from this guy was the infectious, ‘Can’t Hurt Me Now’. His debut album ‘Here We All Are‘ was released a couple of weeks back – it’s a banker. I have chosen to share the brilliantly well-produced ‘Full Flight’ to further demonstrate his ability. This track reminds me of those early, chirping Maribou State tunes, when the Hertfordshire boys first broke through.

Murge makes lovely music and it’s no surprise he is signed to Loci Records. That label always seems to tickle my ear and I’m really happy someone keeps sending their latest label releases my way. Cool.

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