Electronic Music | Crate Digging #012

It's that time again, the crate dig is back for it's twelfth installment. This is the ultimate sacred space for electronic music shared on this website. The five songs chosen to be part of a week's 'Crate dig' are selected carefully and curated from a pool of hundreds of options. Each week, we aim to... Continue Reading →

Electronic Sounds // Crate Digging #07

The time has come for another installment of my personal favourite feature here on the site - the electronic crate dig. In modern times, it's not actually crate digging that I'm doing but renaming the feature something like 'Digital digging' sounds awful. What this all entails is five electronic tunes released in the last few... Continue Reading →

New Music Friday : Featuring Thoma, Skekz & 1Five1

This fine Friday we bring you three fantastic ambient electronic releases from over seas from American producers Thoma and Skekz and a super chilled vibing number from Canadian 1Five1. I hope you enjoy these ones. All three are of the Ambient Electronic variety. Relax and take in the best of the week from the electronic... Continue Reading →

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