Electronic Music | Crate Digging #012

It’s that time again, the crate dig is back for it’s twelfth installment. This is the ultimate sacred space for electronic music shared on this website. The five songs chosen to be part of a week’s ‘Crate dig’ are selected carefully and curated from a pool of hundreds of options. Each week, we aim to showcase the very best minimal, downtempo and Indie electronic tunes from the trailing week. If we cannot find five suitable tunes, we don’t post until we do.

This week features music from Bankii / Mindsight / TV Culture / Jazzuelle / Salvatore Cordova

*I’m a bit under the weather this afternoon so bear with me, the writing mightn’t be quite it’s usual standard – the show must go on.

Mindsight / Herzkasper!

We have featured Mindsight on this site before. His criminally under-rated previous release ‘Trojan Matter‘ is one of my favourite electronic tunes this year. He returns with one final production before he takes a break from music for a while. The new work is titled ‘Herzkasper!‘ and is another impressive IDM creation from the talented German. The German song title translates into English as ‘Heart Attack‘, and the music itself is suitably pulsing.

These last two singles from Mindsight have been superb, check out the totally captivating ‘Herzkasper!‘ below.

TV Culture / One_4_You

London-based producer TV Culture hits all the right uplifting chords with his debut single One_4_You. The track dropped last week and I managed to hear it for the first time this morning as I readied myself for the day. This is song that is sure to put you in a good mood – it is LoFi production, not dissimilar to what Evgeniy Molianov (Kicktracks) is producing on a regular basis. This style is certainly hot right now and usually these LoFi productions fit nicely into mood playlists on Spotify. I wouldn’t be surprised if One_4_You started picking up plenty of streams. A solid debut production.

*The trick with LoFi production is to release regular singles and the monthly listeners will begin to rack up over time, check Kicktracks for reference.*

Jazzuelle / Bees Are Left Handed

One of my favourite South African house producers, Jazzuelle has just released a new tune. I’m a fairly consistent supporter of his work, therefore it’s no surprise this gets the nod. Bees Are Left Handed features Zito Mowa and is an experimental electronic soundscape – weird off-beat melodies and sound effects aplenty. The song is carried along by Jazzuelle’s typically plucky lead synth-line. Huge fan of this one.

Bankii / Ambience I

Bankii is a producer from Sydney who operates in the ambient, downtempo realm. His new single Ambience I was released this week via BonFire Records and I love it. The sound this guy is making is reminiscent of Icelandic duo Kiasmos! Subtle tones, steady non-intrusive drum patterns and shimmering synths. This is a pleasant tune and one that will be going into my downtempo playlist right away!

Salvatore Cordova / Something

Chicago-based sound engineer Salvatore Cordova has snuck into this week’s crate dig with a superb soundscape called ‘Something‘. I initially had no idea how this track ended up at my feet to be honest, it just seemed to automatically start playing on Spotify this morning. I quickly realized that I’d heard the track before. Cordova did indeed send the tune in for consideration a couple of weeks ago. At the first time of hearing this, it didn’t quite stand out but it turns out it’s quite a grower.

On second listen, Something gets the nod and now finds itself included in this week’s crate dig.

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