Bokito’s First Single of 2020 is a Feckin’ Gem

Do you know that feeling when you find a band you may just adore straight off the bat? Well, that’s exactly what has happened here. I was passed along Bokito‘s new single okok earlier today. I clicked play, only to be met by a chirpy, vibrant and infectious tune that has commanded several more plays throughout the day. It’s annoying that I hadn’t heard of these lads until now, it’s shameful really. They are London-based and Irish for god’s sake. That’s a strangely poor miss from me, especially being a music obsessed, London-based, Irishman too.

For years, before setting up this site, I found myself going on and on about the moment I heard Alt-J‘s An Awesome Wave for the first time. I used to get into big winding musical debates with various people, it was a regular occurrence. I often told everyone that Alt-J were the first and last band that made me truly excited – their initial single ‘Breezeblocks‘ was new and brave. It was totally obscure compared to the other stuff on the radio at the time and I craved more music like it. Luckily enough, I am experiencing this type of excitement more and more often, as the blog is receiving the cream of the crop through it’s submission’s inbox these days. I’m like a kid in a sweet shop and Bokito are the latest flavour to hit the palate.

Okok is Bokito’s first single of 2020 and it follows on from last year’s quirky singles ‘Cut Her Down‘ and ‘Freckle Leather‘. This release starts off slowly with Kilkenny’s Moses Moorhouse and his wonderfully unique falsetto vocal, providing the early entertainment. I think all of the Alt-J talk a little earlier was evoked by the fact that this new Bokito single is actually totally on par with their stuff. The glistening, shimmering guitar melodies and the harmonized vocal doh,duh,duh,doh‘s are totally reminiscent of early Alt-J in it’s eclectic sound. The track peaks with a humongous crescendo of synths, Moorhouse holding mega high pitched notes and a general goose-bump inducing soundscape . This is as intense as it gets folks, Bokito have created some utterly breathtaking noise here. I have totally fallen for this!

You definitely need to listen to the song below to truly grasp what I’m on about.

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