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Chesterfield’s answer to Grace Jones, Holly Redford Jones, will be releasing her debut EP this month. I’ve never been to Chesterfield, in fact, the only time I’ve come across it is through playing against them in football manager on the PC. If the music of Redford Jones is anything to go on, I’ll make a trip there to check the place out, post corona. Her soothing, subtle style is something that just resonates with me, she’s a real talent, the best I’ve found for a while.

Holly Redford Jones – Call Me When You Wake Up

Earlier in the week, I managed to stumble upon her latest single Everything and was captivated by it. The glistening guitar melodies, the soulfully chilled vocals and the rolling drum pattern had me swaying contently. Her style is a rare blend of soul, folk and Indie bound together with a supreme songwriting ability. Like all good tunes found here, I jumped in and had a listen to her previous releases to see if Everything is an isolated gem. I was pleasantly surprised, Jones is a serial writer of catchy, feel-good tunes.

Call Me When You Wake Up is another high quality track released earlier in the year. If mellow music is what you are after, Holly Redford Jones is your woman. The synth lines in that studio single remind me of Future Islands mixed with the quirky guitar shimmering of a live Quinn Christopherson rendition. I can totally get behind her music and honestly cannot wait to hear a full album. Bonjour Madame is also a brilliant listen, a little heavier in it’s rock and roll style but it displays Jones’s stylistic diversity. A true artist with a very bright future. Thanks for the tunes, I look forward to hearing this live in London sometime soon – What a performer!

Holly Redford Jones – Everything

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