Single Review | Tiger Rags – Psychedelic Instrumentals Born in Kentish Town

Daniel Jenkinson is the brains behind a new London-Based experimental, psychedelic instrumental alias, Tiger Rags. The music was assembled in a custom DIY studio in Kentish Town, North London and based on a sea of demos he accumulated over the years. Jenkinson is a sound engineer by trade and has spent years on the road touring with a vast array of musicians. His ear for sound and creative ability has culminated in him releasing his own debut EP recently. It definitely has it’s own appeal.

The opening track on the EP is Float (listen below) and it gets the ball rolling in an intensely packed rip-roaring manner. The ambient opening sequence is quickly taken over by a high tempo drum pattern and some energetic engaging guitar tones. This high octane opening crashes along and even has some horns and some vocal snippets thrown in for good measure later on. A hard hitting start to the collection.

The pace is brought down a touch in Semaphore but the impact remains as the brass continues to shimmer away. Juno comes next and portrays a sound similar to something The War On Drugs would happily release. Glistening synths but ultimately a more conventionally structured feel. The EP closes with Flags and Messages which is a mysterious and surprisingly melancholic closer to this impressively intense EP.

Overall, I really enjoyed listening to the work of Tiger Rags. The artistry and level of skill on show here is unquestionable. The standout tune is definitely the EP opener, Float. Finding new music and new ideas is why this website operates, we don’t write about the latest pop idol or copycat. We support original music and creative sounds, Tiger Rags ticks all the boxes in that regard and for that, I tip my hat and type on my keyboard.

Check out the four song EP here.

Tiger Rags – ‘Float’ – Official Video – Psychedelic Instrumental

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