Four New UK-Based Artists Worth Hearing!

After my little break from writing reviews, the work behind the scenes hasn't stopped. I've been busy digging ditches in the garden, answering submissions and fixing some important SEO things for the site. Last week, it was a real struggle finding tunes to get behind. The unprecedented lockdown saw the rise of new musicians making... Continue Reading →

Artist Review | Introducing | Holly Redford Jones – A Musician From Chesterfield

Chesterfield's answer to Grace Jones, Holly Redford Jones, will be releasing her debut EP this month. I've never been to Chesterfield, in fact, the only time I've come across it is through playing against them in football manager on the PC. If the music of Redford Jones is anything to go on, I'll make a... Continue Reading →

Tourist – Hearts

Grammy winner William Phillips AKA Tourist released a new album named 'Everyday' this week and we gave it an oul listen. Tourist is the man who produced one of my all time favourite tracks in 'Run', naturally my ears prick up when I catch wind of a new release. Phillips always navigates in and around... Continue Reading →

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