New Music Friday : Featuring Thoma, Skekz & 1Five1

This fine Friday we bring you three fantastic ambient electronic releases from over seas from American producers Thoma and Skekz and a super chilled vibing number from Canadian 1Five1. I hope you enjoy these ones. All three are of the Ambient Electronic variety. Relax and take in the best of the week from the electronic world.

Thoma – Union

Thoma are a duo comprising of Tristan de Liége and Ben Hill who met in school and soon realised that they both shared a deep love for electronic music. The quickly teamed up in various bands and used to Dj together before embarking on the mission of producing electronic music together.

Their latest single Union has just been released today and packs a real punch. These guys are making some seriously classy beats. Their new album ‘Salt Spring’ will be surfacing on November 15 via electronic legend Emancipator‘s label Loci Records.

1Five1 – Beyond Recognition

1Five1 is the moniker of a Canadian producer Sandra Annan. The origin of her strange stage name comes from the address she lived at when she starting making music in Toronto. She is an avid musician and has crafted her musical skills ever since her formative years. She started making music on Logic from the age of 13 and hasn’t looked back since.

She gathered her musical style upon listening to the likes of Massive Attack and Portishead. Her music is of a really fresh melancholic and ambient nature. This new release titled Beyond Recognition is a complete gem in my eyes. Subtle, yet so very powerful. This fine producer is one to watch for sure.

Skekz – Skekzi

American producer Skekz has just released a brilliant minimal electronic album. His stuff is not too dissimilar to the works of Icelandic duo Kiasmos in it’s composition. This is an album worth digesting right before you drift off to sleep. Get rid of those stresses and let Skekz and his ambient arrangements get you into a blissful and mindful state. Check out Skekzi – the second track on the album below. Chilled.

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