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Written By Kell Hallman

At the moment, it’s all too easy to look at the music industry and feel downbeat. It’s a tough time for artists, musicians, and fans alike with our livelihoods and passions on lockdown. Ruby Hive’s debut single ‘You Mix’ is an infectious grin in the face of this gloom. 

Released in late February this year, ‘You Mix’ tells “a love story between the artist and the artwork, from the artwork’s perspective”. Ruby Hive uses this story to create an extremely relatable, quirky narrative that perfectly encapsulates the tone and aesthetic one would expect from the London based band. Their live performances feel somewhere between a gig and an intimate gathering of close friends. 

The band stated that, “(Ruby Hive) was created as a reaction to the darkness and melancholy we saw in the music scene”. This could not be more tangible than in ‘You Mix’, which feels like a much needed remedy to any ill feelings I’ve had towards the music scene as of late.

The track begins with a single playful finger-picked guitar, quickly blossoming into a beautiful blend of sweet vocal harmonies. The soulful saxophone, understated basslines, captivating guitar hooks, and rock-solid yet delicate drums all combine nicely. The flow of the song travels effortlessly from charming Pop-Bossa verses, to driving & energetic choruses. We progress through the powerful half-time moments that represent the intensity of positive emotions evoked in the lyrics. While a range of influences are definitely audible in this tune, I can honestly say that it is unlike anything I’ve heard as of late. It simply oozes with joy. I personally am very excited for Ruby Hive’s upcoming releases. After listening to this track, I think you will be too.

Catch Them Live

I highly recommend that you catch this band live as soon as you get the chance. In the meantime, ‘You Mix’ can be found on almost every streaming platform – so no excuses!

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