Electronic Music Genre| Crate Digging #08

I was thinking of scrapping these electronic crate digs during the week. I have already overturned this brainwave and here is the 8th edition. I just can’t escape the fact that I love downtempo electronic music! I really enjoy finding the best and most hidden gems every Friday. I will keep going with this for the foreseeable.

Tonight I feature music from Theo Varda / Mindsight / Hare In Flight / Dopeman & Daddy Who / Godford

Theo Varda Midnight Truffler

I met Theo around 18 months ago on a drinking session down in Brick Lane, London. I was out on the town with one of my close friends and we got chatting to a collection of people outside a bar. Theo Varda was one of them. We have been in touch ever since and I am delighted to be able to share his debut single ‘Midnight Truffler’ up on the site tonight.

This tune was assembled whilst Varda was on a high point after a house party. He constructed this track in a state of trance, using an assortment of random samples and sounds. He has no further recollection of making this tune. It is a wild journey consisting of trippy beat-work and intense elements. Think, Axel Boman, on speed! Class!


Theo Varda – Midnight Truffler

Mindsight – Trojan Matter

German producer Mindsight has just released this absolute booming monster this afternoon. This is one heavy piece of music and I am absolutely in love with it! The slap of the kick, the roar of the bass and the subtlety of the arpeggios that ripple through this make it a gem. I’m not overly keen on the synth build-up in the middle but by god, that drop had me going again. This is dark, moody and dramatic.

To think I was actually considering dropping the crate digging article? On this evidence, my decision to carry on is warranted. What a bop.

Released: Today

Mindsight – Trojan Matter

Dopeman & Daddy Who Ferry

Bringing the pace down a little bit now, we have a peaceful little collaborative production from German artists Dopeman and Daddy Who. This little tranquil soundscape is definitely a positive thing to come out of this lockdown. Fairplay to these lads, I like this one a lot. Quite similar in style to Russian genius ‘Kicktracks’ in it’s languid and lazy style. Lovely work.
*The name Daddy Who made my nervous, I expected a couple of horrid rap verses to come in. It certainly sounds like a rap alias. Thankfully, he’s not.*

Released: Today

Dopeman & Daddy Who – Ferry

Godford – Better Place

Our second feature of French producer Godford. Better Place was released today and I couldn’t resist putting it up here. This Parisian beat-maker is turning heads with solid opening compositions. I have been listening to each release intently so far and it seems they don’t have many kinks in their armory. This one is yet another well executed piece that deserves a listen. The debut single ‘Can’t Get Over You‘ is a tasty little ear-worm. Better Place follows in the same vein.

Released: Today

Godford – Better Place

Hare In Flight – Planetarium

Planetarium is a really intense track from American producer Hare In Flight. It got me moving last week when I heard it first on one of my trawls through the inbox. I think this one is a good solid tune if you are in a really hyperactive mood, otherwise, it might just get on your nerves. Thankfully, I was in a hyper mood when I heard it. The more I listen to it, the more it grows in stature.

Released: Today

Hare In Flight – Planetarium

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