Single Review | Our Fathers Continue to Shine With ‘Boy I Was Wrong’

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The music of Our Fathers is one of my proudest discoveries from the first year of running The Sound Sniffer. At that time, I had no real way of finding truly fresh tunes and was actually writing reviews based of Spotify curated playlists and my own Release Radar. Platforms like Spotify and Amazon are predominantly created to support artists that are established or actually personally know the curators behind the algorithms themselves. If you search around looking for really new grassroots music, you won’t tend to find enough underground treasure there sadly.

Having decided that my Spotify digging wasn’t sufficient, I decided to join a few Facebook groups in order to find fresher music that would benefit from blog support a little more. I joined a DIY music group based in the States and asked the members there if they had any new music. After logging out and going to bed, I woke to the sight eight-hundred notifications on my account. The post received that many responses and I began to listen through them. Unbeknownst to myself, I had unintentionally found the crate digging experience I’d been craving for years. This was the pocket of submissions needed for the blog to survive.

Our Fathers

As I scrolled through, I remember finding superb bands like Blood Root and Pet Puma before stopping at a link from ‘Our Fathers‘. I listened in, quickly concluding that lead singer Madeline Smith was absolutely top drawer. Space Song‘ was the tune that was sent initially – it didn’t quite impact enough for me in itself but it was apparent that there was something special there. I flicked back to their previous work and found loads of unearthed gems like FT and Stevie Nicks.

On Friday, the band released their first single of 2020 so far titled ‘Boy Was I Wrong‘ – It made me think to myself of how right I had been back then to click that link – Our Fathers are a top top band. The new one chirps along with Smith’s vocals reminding me of Kate Bush or AE Mak and the band supplying a simple Future Islands styled bass line. Finding artists like this makes the often thankless job of music blogging totally worth it. Thanks for the beautiful song.

Listen to Our Fathers on Spotify here.

Our Fathers – Boy I was Wrong

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