Audio Dope Blasts Onto The Scene With New Single – Meteor

Basel based producer Audio Dope is no stranger to The Sound Sniffer of late. His productions rarely fall short of the mark, he returns with a powerfully relevant construction titled ‘Meteor‘. This single features some superb little vocal samples that are so relevant to us in theme as we continue to obey lockdown. The song takes a hugely effective, intense turn as the Italian lyrics ask ‘Will this scare change us?’ The tune pulses along in a blast of angst filled kicks before settling back to the opening melodies again.

This is a highly intelligent offering from this guy – I’ve been a huge fan for a while now, his stock keeps rising. Meteor is such a short little emotive beast and really resonates within our collective mental states, as the virus continues to sweep by. I sent this tune to my mate Guido who has been stuck in his small flat in Rome since March 1st – it was just the right tonic for him! Audio Dope has managed to find a way to make his extremely high brow downtempo musings, accessible and useful for us all. This track packs a punch – it certainly woke me up this morning!

The tune should be enjoyed alongside the music video which was shot in Torino! It’s a wonderful video and really enhances the poignancy of the tune itself. Stunningly impactful.

Audio Dope – Meteor (Official Video)


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