Single Review | Dominic Wolf – Only For Mad People (EP)

One of my favourite London-based artists Dominic Wolf has just released a typically Dominic Wolf styled EP. The six-track digital collection titled, ‘Only For The Mad People‘, is languid, experimental and totally absorbing. Ever since hearing his meticulously, methodical single ‘Tainted Paradise‘, I’ve been tracking his music. Wolf has his own lazy, shoe-gaze tone that just seems to resonate with me. Maybe I am one of those ‘Mad People’ the EP title refers to.

This sneaky little EP is accompanied by an eerie video Dominic shot on a Go-Pro as he cycled through the empty streets of central London – mid-lock-down. It’s weird seeing the normal hustle and bustle replaced by an abnormal quietness. The image of an empty Chinatown is quite poignant. The music that Dominic has made to go along with this video is high class and emotive.

Wolf’s style is somewhat close to something like King Krule made a few years ago. The vocal tone is quite deep and dark but the guitar strumming always remains upbeat and dreamy – a lovely contrast. He likes to use those pesky Trap Hi Hats a lot throughout, but somehow, I really like the way he uses them. I never thought I’d find an artist that would have me tolerating the most over-used sound in modern music. As a blogger, I receive like fifteen songs a day, riddled with them. Wolf gets away with it – his music makes me reflect and ponder and always offers something new and creative.

Only For Mad People – The EP

The experimental percussion in Astronaut and the general intense mood of Gutter Run are huge highlights in this new EP. Foolish passes by with shades of Nicolas Jaar‘s ‘Space is Only Noise‘ to it. My pick from this EP is the atmospheric Gone Too Late which is littered with brilliant vocal harmonies and a rip-roaring crescendo of bright synth notes to close it out. Definitely the stand-out tune. I hope you all enjoy this little moody EP as much as I have. Wolf does his own thing, that is commendable.

Support Dominic Wolf and buy Only for Mad People EP here.

Dominic Wolf – Only For Mad People (Full EP).


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