Throwback : Arctic Monkeys – My Propeller


A little reminiscing here taken from The Arctic Monkey’s 2009 third studio album ‘Humbug’. The opening track ‘My Propeller’ is the tune in focus, and what a tune it was. After the success of their opening two albums it was difficult to see how the band could keep the Sound fresh. ‘My propeller’ opened Humbug and blew me away at the time. Such a mellow, chilled and calculated song, no big crescendos or complications, just a stellar track. Heard it recently and just figured I’d shtick it up here, since they have a new album about.



TADGH – Soup

A tasty little number from Irish musician Shane ‘TADGH’ Nolan here released on TADGH Records. The man and his band have fierce talent and are searching for an avenue to push their music to a broader audience. This tune is ambient and extremely well written and performed.


Nolan’s voice always has had the ability to hit a wide range of notes with ease, ‘Soup’ showcases this. Check these lads out, really lovely sound. Keep it up!



Eduardo De La Calle – The Stand (KLMN Edit) Ft. Joolz

Here we are with a pretty flawless adaptation of Eduardo De La Calle’s peculiar tune ‘The Stand’. De La Calle is one of those producers who releases a new tune every two days on spotify.

He is almost boardering on quantity over quality at times with his incessant posting of new matierial. His rambling progressive trance productions always tether on brilliant but rarely hit the mark fully. ‘Format Times’ and ‘The Stand’ are different, the conversational vocals in ‘The Stand’ are enchanting and unique. The woman is rambling and raving in the background yet the whole tune fits perfectly together. A great piece, very under the radar. This is a great remake by KLMN.

Olafur Arnalds – Ypsilon

EC77E8EB-398B-4A35-BD08-33CC00C3B92CIcelandic composer Olafur Arnalds is a man well worth taking a look at. His wonderful work within television soundscapes was confounded with the BAFTA award for his track list for broadchurch. This guy has the A game when it comes to music. His work under the alias of ‘Kiasmos’ has created a distinct genre of its own nearly in minimal techno. I’ve taken in two Kiasmos live performances and it’s safe to say, him and Janus Rasmussen know the suss. Ypsilon is a composition taken from ‘Arnalds’ latest solo work titled ‘re:member’, this track is as chilled as they come and also very unintrusive. Shut eye music here.