Olafur Arnalds – Ypsilon

EC77E8EB-398B-4A35-BD08-33CC00C3B92CIcelandic composer Olafur Arnalds is a man well worth taking a look at. His wonderful work within television soundscapes was confounded with the BAFTA award for his track list for broadchurch. This guy has the A game when it comes to music. His work under the alias of ‘Kiasmos’ has created a distinct genre of its own nearly in minimal techno. I’ve taken in two Kiasmos live performances and it’s safe to say, him and Janus Rasmussen know the suss. Ypsilon is a composition taken from ‘Arnalds’ latest solo work titled ‘re:member’, this track is as chilled as they come and also very unintrusive. Shut eye music here.

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