Augustine – Luzon


As first releases go, this is fairly damn solid! What is going on here? This tune from Augustine is an instant earworm – it is very very unique from the offset. This is possibly one of the best songs I’ve stumbled across by chance in 2019, no doubt. The production here is second to none and this lad clearly has the balls to perform his exuberant vocals with gusto. This 22 year old Swede is going places, I’m completely certain about that. Luzon really threw me as I haven’t really heard anything like it before which is fantastic.

He created the majority of the tune himself in his Stockholm flat using his undoubted multi-instrumental ability to great effect. I wish I could just belt out a song like this in my spare time! This is one hell of an opening release!! Here’s hoping what comes next will have a similar hard-landing effect too.

Check this one. Fresh sounds.


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