New Music From Indie Electronic Acts ‘Parking Lot – Lately’ and ‘Mindchatter – Language’

Two super releases from two creative new Indie Electronic artists!

Mindchatter / Language

Anyone who has been following the Indie Electronic scene in recent months will have come across the name of Mindchatter at some point. He is a New York based producer and singer who was credited with the ‘pressurized’ position of being The Sound Sniffer’s #1 artist to watch in 2020. His trajectory has indeed continued to ascend since the turn of the year. Understandably, he signed his first record deal with commercial artist ZHU’s label ‘Mind of a Genius‘. His second single since the big move is titled ‘Language‘ and was released yesterday. This one takes him right back to where he left off in 2019 with Kerosene and Trippy. His debut label single ‘Scared to go Home‘ was a little too conventional a tune for my liking (Not enough bubbling synths) – he is back to his experimental and chirpy self again, thankfully. Love it!

Have a listen to Language here.

Mindchatter – Language

Parking Lot / Lately

The second song I’d like to pull out for some praise today is a LoFi track from Parking Lot. Christian Renard is the brainchild behind this project, based out of LA. It’s fitting that this sound was created by a Los Anglais oriented artist – it just oozes shimmery warmth. This is lazy, melancholic and totally relaxing. For me, Lately, is like the perfect sunshine tune – Close your eyes and just think of summer whilst listening to the wobbly, rippling, pronounced synths.

I felt it was acceptable to throw this track in alongside Mindchatter’s – it has a similarly experimental and unique charm to it. Parking Lot is only a new project with only two songs available to stream so far. I’m looking forward to hearing more, we’ve had ‘Early‘ and ‘Lately‘ so far, We need a bit of ‘In the Meantime‘ to finish off the perfect trilogy!

You may need more than one listen to fully grasp the brilliance of this one.

Parking Lot – Lately


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