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I’m thinking of going for a game of golf tomorrow, it feels weird, thinking of going somewhere. The courses opened last week and I may just dust off my clubs and take a walk on down! I’ve been inside since March 10th – this will be my first foray more than two kilometers from my home. The whole decision gives me a huge case of ‘should I stay or should I go?‘ – At the moment, it’s happening!! I don’t know what that has to do with two new British Indie tunes but there you have it.

Tonight I’m going to share two really nice tunes from musicians who have contributed to The Sound Sniffer in the past.

Brother Jonathan played my first ever showcase down in The Fox & Firkin, last October. It’s incredible – it feels like years ago. I am a huge fan of his music, Jack is a lovely guy and his music is rustic and rugged! He has a new track called Halcyon Days out now and it deserves a little mention.

Nick Corbin is also a highly talented operator. He is the front-man in popular Indie band New Street Adventure. He has a new solo single out on Spotify that I want to hone in on. Nick did a lovely guest post on the site a few months ago which was cool. His latest work is titled ‘Sweetest Escape‘.

Brother Jonathan / Halcyon Days

Brother Jonathan

Brother Jonathan is such a raw talent – his music is rough and gravelly but it really has an edgy quality to it. It was great to have him grace the stage at my first ever gig down in Lewisham. Watching his progress since, has been a hobby of mine and Halcyon Days is another impressive early single. The track is a maze of intense electronic guitar melodies rippling around each other and the vocal punches through with gusto.

Normally, I wouldn’t be too gone on artists like this – I find the rock styled guitars a bit too heavy or grungy – but there’s something about Brother Jonathan that bucks the trend. I’ve come to the conclusion that this fella is just very very good at what he does. If he can convert me, I’m fairly sure that many people will enjoy his tunes too.

A top operator.

Brother Jonathan – Halcyon Days

Nick Corbin / Sweetest Escape

Nick Corbin

I’ve been impressed with the musical musings of Nick Corbin for a few months now. The first tune I came across was the chirpy, pop oriented Never Did Look Like Love, which got completely entwined in my head on first listen. This fella has that ever so sought after ability of making catchy, infectious tunes! Sweetest Escape is no different – this is another exceptional Indie pop ballad from Corbin.

In September, Nick is embarking on a UK Tour and will be playing all the tunes from his forthcoming debut album. Fingers crossed that will be going ahead and if so, keep your distance and give yourself enough space to sway safely.

Check out the title single below.

Nick Corbin – Sweetest Escape

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