Electronic Duo KALEIDA are Back : Listen to ‘Other Side’

Kaleida Other Side

After an early summer lull in top quality submissions, we return to the reviewing stakes with a beautiful song from electronic duo Kaleida. This is the pair’s first release since 2017 and it well worth the wait. June has been understandably slow on the submissions due to the virus, it’s due to pick up again, thankfully. Such has been the downturn, I’ve been actually counting down the days until this one was released. The simplistic melodies, smooth vocals and the video just fits my current mood perfectly. It’s a bop.

As I flick through my inbox this month, I often struggle to find tunes that have their own style. A vast majority of what comes my way (especially since lockdown) has that distinct trap/pop sound to it, a sound I despise. Luckily, Other Side came just in time and I was able to get lost in it’s melancholy. The video also captured my attention immediately. It’s shot on the empty and eerily subdued Berlin streets. Seeing the normally bustling streets in the rugged and vibrant city so quiet, is a striking image of how our lives have changed.

I once spent two nights sleeping in a shed, in the centre of a Berlin park – it was a strange lodging but it was fitting of the excursion. I’ve been to Berlin on quite a few occasions and seeing the visuals here made me crave another trip. I spent many an night chatting the absolute ears off people in Club Der Visonaere (I think it burnt down since?). The music video was directed by Glashier.

Kaleida is made up of producer Cicey Goulder and vocalist Christina Woods. The duo made a huge impression a few years ago and gathered a loyal fan following which has seen their music rake in over 80 million streams. They even had a tune on the John Wick soundtrack! The pair are now settling down and raising families on different sides of the Atlantic to one another. Other Side is the first of many new transatlantic tunes we are set to be treated to. They are releasing an album titled Odyssey on 28th August.

This single and the forthcoming album is due for release on Lex Records,

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