Future Islands Bassist Will Cashion Flying Solo

Will Cashion

Future Islands are by far and away my favourite band of the last ten years. I first came across them as a teenager as I scoured YouTube for tunes – it wasn’t until their incredibly energetic performance on Jools Holland that I really became obsessed. Sam Herring is one of the most accessible, flamboyant and endearing front-men to walk this earth. His expressive movement became a running theme in my life. At the time, when Seasons was released, I was over in Kuala Lumper on holiday and spread the word of Herrings knee-buckling bucking to every Malaysian native I could find. The wobbly knees, the emotive facial expressions and the manic beating of the chest. I was obsessed and the Singles album was my favourite of the decade gone by.

Of course, the band is formed of more than just one exuberant front-man – the calm and composed figure of Will Cashion is always seen strumming away on the bass in the background. His presence is always noted although the other members are content to blend into the background as Herring whips around the stage in a state somewhere between crisis and elation. It’s Will’s turn to focus on his own sounds and has created some nice ambient soundscapes. He has recently released two tracks, Lightning Bug and Triple Ocean. This is a big change in style to the plucky bass notes he was putting out with the band. I always call music like this, the sound of the future – I haven’t quite adapted to it yet but can envision millions doing so in years to come.

Will Cashion’s ‘Triple Ocean’

I am no expert on ambient styled tunes but these new songs are quite dreamy and thought-provoking. It’s been a stressful time for the planet of late and the whimsical sounds here are fit for accompanying your afternoon meditation.

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