Weekly Sniffs #006 | Top Tracks of The Week

It’s Friday again which means it’s time for 40,000+ new songs to surface on Spotify this afternoon. I’m starting to love Friday’s again after a few quiet weeks recently. The quality tunes are starting to flow back in consistently as society starts to recover again. Every man and his dog were lining the inbox since March but thankfully the cream is rising back up to the top once more. This is an absolutely superb mix of music this afternoon – really proud of unearthing all of these!

Today we have wonderful music from : SKOTT / RY JONES / TORU / BYLJA / DONS SKIFFLE / NIA WYN


We start off today’s list with an utterly breathtaking little tune coming from the new RY JONES EP Bumblin. I was sent this song by the kind folks in charge of La Belle Musique – the YouTube channel, turned label, have been releasing Jones’ music on their books. I was chuffed to receive a tune from these guys as I’ve always been an avid viewer of their successful channel over the years.

There’s not much information out there about this talented musician so I won’t bother trying to construct things. What I do know is that his music is raw, subtle and emotive. Squeeze is a soft and quite unique tune that I have come to love over the last few weeks. It has been released today on the EP and I’m delighted to finally get to share it with you all here. A charming, uplifting sound.


Swedish singer SKOTT is no newbie, she is one of Sweden’s brightest musical exports in recent times. She has just released her much awaited debut album ‘Always Live for Always’ recently and it’s a gem. The tune I’ve picked to feature from the album is the chirpy, indie pop tune ‘My Name‘. This track is a total ear-worm from start to finish – a supremely high quality, catchy production. This is a tune well received on a sunny day like today as it is both uplifting and bouncy.


I’ve featured Nia Wyn on this site before – she has one of the best voices in the UK at the moment. This young Welsh singer has a tone that would captivate any music room on the planet. She is a mercurial talent and this new single called ‘Atlantis’ has just surfaced today too. I am addicted to her lusciously soulful vocals – Nia never fails to impact. This is another top offering from this brilliant emerging British artist. Check out Atlantis, ’tis a dime.


A nice downtempo soundscape here from electronic duo BYLJA. Float is their new release and it features the vocals of GUNVA ( another bizarre cryptic music alias for the extensive list). These young producers are based in Copenhagen and Washington respectively and are making some pretty impressive ambient sounds between them. This latest tune fits the bill for me personally. Float is a little commercial vocally which would normally send me running, the production and vibe saves it. Overall, I’m pretty delighted to have found this tune – it’s addictive. There is also an instrumental version which is handy – I’ll share that up here. (No disrespect to Gunva, just personal preference)


Friday’s folk fix comes from Lincoln based singer/songwriter DONS SKIFFLE. His new single Happy Chappy is out today and is a really chilled out little number. His style is quite LoFi in nature and the sweet little piano melody dotted around throughout this tune give it an edge. This is very similar in style to the tune I shared last week from London’s Sandtimer. If I had a folk playlist on the go, this tune would be perched very close to the top. Happy Chappy is a lovely tune and a good one for reflecting or train-gazing. The lyrics actually sum me up perfectly – ‘I’m a happy chappy, happy on my own‘ too.


I close this week’s New Music Friday list with a superb grooving production from Baltimore-born TORU. Wish You Would is a progressive banger that oozes poolside appeal. This is one of them songs you hear rippling around the sound system at the mini bar. If I was going on a holiday this summer, I’d be packing this tune in my bags with me. Sadly, I’m not going away but will dance around the sitting room to it instead! A fitting tune to end a lovely week of new music! It’s been a busy week but I’m off up to Manchester this evening to unwind for a few days. Peace out!

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