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Are we really on the way back to normality again? It seems things are opening up and the virus is becoming a thing of the past here in the UK. I’m still skeptical, the thing is still rampant – I don’t know anymore. To compound it all, I got bitten by an insect yesterday and my calf is the size of a football, what next?

All we can do is wait and see and listen to some nice new music while we are at it. This week sees the release of some really nice tunes that will surely get you going in the mornings. These seven tunes are the best of the bunch I’ve received in my submissions inbox over the last week or two. Some real gems in there, my personal pick of the week is AfriCali‘s re-plugged single from 2017 called ‘Daughters of the Sun‘ -it’s brill and really cheers me up when I hear it.

Featuring music from Cape Francis / Hike Jamison / Jubal / Whose Rules / Hugh / AfriCali / Alex Francis

Hike Jamison / Closed (Having Fun)

Starting off this week’s list we have a really chilled instrumental from American songmaker Hike Jamison. His wonderfully fluid ‘Closed (Having Fun) landed on my lap a couple of weeks ago and I fell in love. Wavy, whimsical and utterly relaxing, this is a tune worthy of any summer playlist. Remember them things we used to have called BBQ’s? This song would be the perfect background soundscape for one of them. No BBQ’s allowed really this year unfortunately, but I’m saving it to my ’21 BBQ playlist. A cracking tune from Hike and a lovely way to start off this feature this afternoon. You can’t help but feel happy listening to the bass notes and brass notes of this track.

Jubal / It’ll Be Fine

I used to listen to a band called ‘I am Kloot‘ back in the day. The thing I loved about them was their uplifting percussion, it always had sense of purpose and a distinctly uplifting pace. It’ll Be Fine – the new single from Jubal has that same effect on me. Lyrically, the tune is fitting to the times and has the power to raise the spirits – Instrumentally, the track makes me sway. If you are a fan of The War on Drugs, you are bound to like this new single from Jubal, lovely stuff.

Cape Francis / Just Because

Just Because is the new track out from Kevin Olken Henthorn who goes by the musical alias of Cape Francis. This track is a teaser ahead of his third album which will be released later this year via Sleep Well Records. I have to say, this is one hell of a tune here – it’s subtle, non-intrusive and really easy on the ear.

Henthorn skirts on the folk side of things stylistically and his voice is accompanied by simple and effective instrumentation. Nothing too complicated and intricate – it’s nice mood music here. Soothing.

Hugh / Walk It Off

Hugh is a project formed of Joshua Idehen, Andy Highmore, Martin Kolarides and some friends. I’ve been a huge fan of Joshua Idehen for years, since I heard his tune ‘Faithless‘ with his other band Benin City. I used to have that song on repeat in my family home in Dublin – been a fan since. He has has worked with Jabru on some tracks and this is the second Hugh single I’ve featured on The Sound Sniffer so far. Walk It Off is their latest offering and is pretty cool and features Bonjay. Some nice vocals blended together with some epic synth work and atmospheric harmonies. Some powerful grooves from this superbly entertaining collective yet again. Kind of a Santigold electronic vibe going on too – loving this one.

AfriCali / Daughters of The Sun

I was sent in this song recently – it’s from a South African band called AfriCali and is ripped from their 2017 album Taught Of A Culture. Usually, I think twice about sharing tunes that are older than a month old, I’ve changed my ways for this one. The lads have made a beautifully uplifting and vibrant sound here. Take a walk in the sunshine, bring your headphones and stick this track on – it’s smile inducing. Give it a go!

Alex Francis / All My Life

This weeks folk fix comes from the UK’s very own Alex Francis and his new single ‘All My Life’. Hailing from Hitchin, Hertfordshire – this talented songwriter had been performing to crowds all over the world prior to lockdown. His new single ‘All My Life‘ surfaced very recently and I like the sound of it. This track is pleasant on the palate and extremely well written. Francis has a lovely vocal tone which switches into falsetto effortlessly – a solid tune.

Whose Rules / Malarkey

Something nice and quirky to finish up this weeks set of tunes from Norwegian songwriter Whose Rules. Malarkey is his debut single and it flutters around is a really infectious way. This is our first insight into the musical musings of the 23 year old. This is a short, sweet and impressive little intro. Looking forward to hearing more funky and experimental guitar solos now. Weird and wonderful – just the way I like it.

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