Cat Ryan – A Newcastle Based Trio Making Infectious Wavy Tunes

Cat Ryan

I’ve been sitting in my sister’s house up in Salford all week – I came prepared with the laptop in hand for a full week of music searching. Lockdown is still pretty much in full flow. It’s a different environment for me after three and a half months alone down in London. Who would have ever thought my summer holiday would be a car-driven trip to Manchester in my family bubble for a week – that’s just how it’s gone. Luckily enough, I have managed to stumble across some absolutely brilliant tunes on my subsequent scavenger hunt.

The stand out tune this week has been Newcastle trio Cat Ryan‘s new one called Blessed Through The TV. The best way for me to describe this new tune is that it’s like a toned-down, oriental and melancholic version of the work of Santigold. I fucking love Santigold and was totally drawn in by superb vocals of Cat Ryan’s lead vocalist – she has a brilliant tone. This single is soaked in beautiful, uplifting melodies and is one of the finest finds I’ve had in a while. I better share some more information about the band itself while I’m rambling —

Cat Ryan

Cat Ryan are a three piece art-rock band from Newcastle upon Tyne. They operate in the Indie/Shoe-gaze sphere of things and have been steadily growing in stature as a band in the city lately. Their recent single Mannerism received rave reviews from the likes of American Pancake, Indietronica and When The Horn Blows. They’ve since been signed to the Pillar Artists label. All is churning along nicely for the young band.

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