I Just Can’t Get Enough of ‘L.A Salami’

Struggling through this week a bit to be perfectly honest – haven’t been my usual self and subsequently have been finding it hard to take in as much music as normal. That said, I stumbled across a new Londoner who has tickled my fancy over the course of this dour week. His name is Lookman and he goes by the stage name L.A Salami. His PR company passed his latest tune onto me and I was totally blown away by the sound of it (especially the harmonica). This one is edgy, raw and packs a punch. The video is something else too.

The Talis-man on the Age of Glass is the third and final single taken from London-Based L.A Salami‘s latest album, titled ‘The Cause of Doubt & A Reason to have Faith‘. His real name is Lookman Akekunle Salami and he’s been around for quite a few years. His latest album is released via Sunday Best Recordings and is a bank of work that has been getting serious airplay on my knackered Sony headphones this week. This striking song is reminiscent in style to the work of legendary spoken word master Saul Williams.

Last year, I traveled a painstaking four hour round trip on the tube to Williams see him play a gig under Stamford Bridge – now that’s commitment. For me, L.A Salami could well be the British version of the eccentric American. He certainly emits a Saul Williams Ora on this track and the accompanying video.

The Album

The album on the whole is quite enchanting – there is a nice range and continuity to each track. It begins with a superb 10 minute introductory piece (The Cause of Doubt) to get the ball moving. Thinking of Emiley, for example, is just simply Lookman and a piano, recorded in a really simplistic manner. Meanwhile, two tracks on, Things Ain’t Changed, is far more complicated and full of chiming guitars and piano melodies fluttering around.

This is an album that has a bit for everyone. I never usually share two tracks by the same artist in a review but I think L.A Salami is worthy here. A top operator and I’m certainly digging this new album. I had a look through his popular tunes on Spotify last night and it seems that this album is a change in style for him. I’m certainly a big fan of this new stuff. Have a listen for yourselves and see how you get on. Criminally underrated in my book.

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