Weekly Sniffs #008 | Top Tracks of The Week

It’s Monday so I’ve decided to compile my top five tunes of the week here. After a couple of weeks of painting fences, building patios and cooking up BBQ’s, I’m back doing the music thing again. It’s amazing how much a break is needed sometimes, listening to thousands of songs is tiring and can wear a blogger down if you don’t look after yourself. Here are my top five picks for the week taken from over four hundred submissions over the last fortnight. I hope some of these tracks resonate and excite! I won’t be writing my usual babble here, just sharing the songs themselves really! Let me know which one is your favourite.

5 | Dansson Rana – Plans Into Dreams

UK based Dansson Rana gets into our top five this week with his superbly catchy Plans Into Dreams. This is his second single after his debut, titled Island Night, that came out last year. The track was recorded in Metropolis Studios. I’m liking the early sounds of Dansson Rana – he is certainly an artist worthy of keeping an eye on.

4 | JW Francis – New York

JW Francis is the definition of a DIY musician – he operates in the Lo-Fi, Bedroom Rock sphere. His recent single New York is a totally uplifting and catchy number. Before lockdown he played 72 shows around the US – the man is a work-horse. New York is a top notch tune – it gets me moving!! There’s something incredibly infectious about this one. He even crossed the Atlantic and got a spin on BBC Radio 6 Music lately. Well deserved.

3 | Isaac Diskin – The Man I Am

I’ve been so impressed with this one from Isaac Diskin! Honestly, this track is really beautiful and it’s mad to think it comes from a guy at the ripe age of 21. Smooth tones and a real maturity to his sound – proper songwriting here from the Florida resident. It’s got that epic cinematic appeal to it – very very good.

2 | Lavender – Peppermint

The debut single from London’s newest Indie R&B duo – Peppermint is a track that shimmers away through a collection of bubbly guitar melodies and a couple of superb switches in tempo. These two lads are creating really mellow sounds on this one – it’s unique and fresh! Loving this short little intro track – definitely deserves to be right up here on the list. A1 for originality and creativity.

1 | Mindchatter – Night Goggles

My favourite artist of 2019 has been releasing music pretty regularly of late. New York’s Mindchatter is the king of quirky Indie Electronic and has just released another superb track called Night Goggles – it’s my favourite single of the year from him and it gets the nod as my Track Of The Week. I picked him out as number 1 on my Ones to Watch for 2020 in January – he hasn’t disappointed so far.


Find all of my picks from 2020 so far in this Multi Genre playlist here. These are the best 130 songs out of the nine thousand submissions the blog has received this year.

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