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July has been a weird month, a month full of the same angst but with just a little more optimism seeping in. Recently we have kind of regained half of the freedom we lost in March. We can go to the pub again, albeit a weirdly altered version of the pub. It’s certainly not life as we knew it before lockdown but it sure as hell is a little bit more enjoyable now. I went up to Manchester a fortnight ago and enjoyed a music free week up there, since, I’ve decided not to receive submissions or write about music until today.

I was listening to music like a madman every day since March and needed a little bit of time away to recharge. Today marks my return to The Sound Sniffer again and I will be replying to all of the messages I missed and catching up on the releases missed. I’m excited to be getting back into it all again – hopefully live music will be coming back shortly too. This little feature is all about two new Contemporary R&B tunes I’ve had stashed away over the break. The first comes from UK-Based song-maker Wesley Joseph and the second from Australian up and comer PNK FME. Two great little tunes to get the site back up and running again.

Wesley Joseph – Ghostin’

Wesley Joseph is a new artist on the scene in the UK for the past few months. Ghostin’ is only his third release and it is a pretty stunning production! As soon as I heard this, I suspected that there were a few accomplished heads responsible on the production end. After a little research, I discovered it was co-produced by Joy Orbison and mastered by LEXXX (who has collaborated with the iconic Jai Paul on occasion.) There is a clear and crisp sound to the whole arrangement – I am no expert of Hip Hop or R&B to be fair, but this one impacted strongly.

Throw in a video made by a former Pixar technical directer (Najeeb Tarazi) and you’ve got yourself a hugely impressive early release – I look forward to hearing more from this guy – Slick!

PNK FME – Body Language

PNK FME is an Adelaide native who is making great inroads in the R&B scene over in Australia recently. His early releases have garnered support from the highly influential Triple J – I’m Irish and have even been following the music featured on Triple J. His latest single Body Language was released just before I went on my music-free break. I have to admit, I’ve been sneakily listening to this tune in the mornings – its a grower, the more I’ve listened to it, the more it’s grown on me! Now, I honestly f*cking love it.

The production is quite similar to Wesley Joseph’s in terms of it’s clear, brooding and high quality sound. I’ve never historically been a huge fan of auto-tune vocals, but PNK FME somehow resonates and gets my stamp of approval. FME is managed by Luke Byatt, who is the editor-in-chief of the Futuremag Music blog.

He is in good hands and hopefully his recent success carries on and PNK FME becomes a household name in Aus and beyond. Body Language is a belter!

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