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Two of my favourite artists right now, together on an EP – what’s not to love eh?

Late last year, I was scrolling through my music submissions and came across a completely infectious tune from London-based singer, Jay Marwaha. The song, to be exact, was his debut single ‘Sitting in the Park‘. Not only did the song command a positive initial reaction, I somehow became captivated by the quality of the sound design. The track featured old-school vocal samples with Jay’s voice layered over the top. A simple composition ordinarily, but something more special was shining through, I realized that it was the rippling harmonies. Jay has the unique ability to harmonize in new, original sounding ways. I was sold!

Not only did I have the song on repeat, I decided to get in touch with him – not long after, he performed at my first ever showcase in the Fox & Firkin, alongside Brother Jonathan and Darshaan. It was a great night and was Marwaha’s first live gig. There was a nice, engaged audience in attendance that night and whilst I was having a cigarette outside, two girls were asking me all about Jay and where I’d discovered him. Even in his first live show, he was turning a couple of heads – the sign of a quality operator.

Fast forward six months, and he has released his most accomplished record to date, a four song EP with Berlin-based producer Soundspretty. The record, titled Deep Sea Diving, was released this morning and it was worth the wait. Each of the four tracks has it’s own charm and pull factors, however, the stand-out tracks for me are the catchy Waves and Under. Two tunes of the highest quality, both showcase Marwaha’s charming performance style.

Berlin’s Soundspretty provides the instrumental backdrop, with subtle LoFi beats flowing through the EP. He is yet another producer that came to my attention through my submissions inbox last year. His wavy production, Maui Wowie, was featured on this site back then. A beat-maker with a talent for making chilled, non-intrusive beats, this newly released collection makes a change from his usual instrumentals. I’m a big fan of his (be sure to check out Nebula too) and feel this collaboration has all the right ingredients for both artists to thrive. Check out the wonderful tunes and give them a chance.

Listen to Full EP here.

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