Ever Wanted to Hear A Song Made By A Ford Mustang?


Respected producer Matthew Dear has just created a bold and experimental piece of music titled New Breed. On the face, it sounds like a normal, electronic pop track – but what you may not have realized is that Dear composed it all using the oscillating sounds of the new Ford Mustang. We are really living in a futuristic era, an era where an E-car is the co-star in the music we are listening to, blimey.

The weird sci-fi sounding atmospheric back-drop was sculpted from the sounds of the new Ford Mustang Mach-E in motion. The whole project is a marketing ploy from Ford to raise awareness to it’s new impressive auto. I don’t normally go for promo things but this is a super idea – musicians are capable of such amazing things when approached. Matthew Dear successfully remixes a car here!

I recently completed a series of in-depth articles raising awareness to an initiative called ‘The Outlaw Ocean Music Project’ – that project encouraged musicians to create a soundtrack for a best-selling book, thus fusing music with journalism. This new piece commissioned by Ford also represents some new ground, fusing music with industrial manufacturing. In a world where live gigs are frowned upon, it’s nice to see productive fresh ideas coming to the surface – I can get behind that!

Never thought I’d post a Ford Mustang Remix on the site – it’s a sign of the times – Nice work Matthew! Watch the documentary behind this track here.

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