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I didn’t get around to sharing my weekly list last week – I’ve got to make up for it now. There have been some great things floating around of late, mainly because artists are now starting to find their feet again slowly after a strangely turbulent few months. Singles that were delayed due to Covid-19 are starting to surface, bands are getting back to the studio again and normality itself slowly inches back.

This week’s feature includes : Matt Corby / Medium Build / Arms That Fit Like Legs / Tropical Boyfriend Catalogue / Jacko Hooper /

Arms That Fit Like Legs – What it is is

One of the best band names of the year, coupled with some of the nicest guitar riffs. This instrumental trio based in Dublin are producing pretty high quality sounds. As soon as I heard What it is is (weird song title), I instantly thought of The Redneck Manifesto and their chirpy math-rock instrumentals. Jape’s outfit were heavily featured on my mp3 player growing up. I haven’t been actively searching for this kind of sound but by god, finding Arms That Fit Like Legs has been great. They are the business.

Check out their impressive 2019 album ‘Legwork‘ for more.

Medium Build – 99 Corolla

There must be something in the water in Anchorage, Alaska – there are a few superb artists breaking out of that music community. Earlier this year, I spoke to fellow Anchorage native Quinn Christopherson about all things music – he won the NPR Tiny Desk Contest last year. If you are aware of Quinn’s music, you’ll be familiar with Nic Carpenter (Medium Build) already – He provides the backing guitar and lush harmonies for Quinn’s live performances.

Medium Build is not to be regarded as a background man though, his solo music is ridiculously catchy in it’s own right. Anchorage is lucky to have both of these mega talented songwriters – Today he shares his new video for 99 Corolla. Vibrant, uplifting and easy listening, Carpenter is the real deal.

Jacko Hooper – Why I’m Here At All

Brighton’s Jacko Hooper has been churning out great folk ballads for years now, his latest offering Why I’m Here At All is another gem. What stands out immediately when you first hear Jacko is his vocal tone. It’s a vocal style which is somewhat similar to that of Joe Newman (Alt-J). Hooper’s music is not quite as experimental – Instead of the hippie harmonies, doh doh’s and clitter clatters, Hooper operates in the folk sphere, and to great effect.

Why I’m Here At All is quite an emotive track lyrically – I sometimes ask myself the title question too!

Matt Corby – Vitamin

Matt Corby is a total legend! Not only is his music brilliant, he is a kind soul too. When he visited Dublin a couple of years ago, he got chatting to my Mum in an alleyway (don’t ask) and gave her a couple of tickets to his sold out show at The Olympia. There’s a lot more to that story but the point is, the guy is a fucking gent.

Myself and my sister were the beneficiaries of the tickets and had a blast that night, Corby opened the his set with one of my favourite tracks of recent times, Belly Side Up. I would have been happy if he decided to play that tune over and over on a loop, what a soulful treat. Anyways, he has just released a new one called Vitamin. It hits the spot – I think it’s only available for people who have subscribed to his newsletter too, quite exclusive.

Tropical Boyfriend Catalogue – Wasted On You

Something really pop oriented here from London-based Tropical Boyfriend Catalogue. The four-piece are just starting off on their musical journey and are eager to get out gigging. With over thirty songs written already, this hellishly uplifting and quirky band have the potential to do quite well on the live circuit. Wasted on you, is a really mad little song, the lyrics are fun and the melodies are bouncy. I mean, this could be the most pop styled track I’ve ever shared on the site, it’s really bizarre and unique, I like it.

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