Brudini Releases Re-Recorded Version of ‘Nightcrawler’

Last year, Erik Brudvik made a bold leap and jumped ship on a career in finance. He decided to leave London and flew across the Atlantic to pursue new beginnings in New York City. Armed with a bag of supplies and a hard-drive filled with his musical snippets, he knocked on the door of Sear Studios. Subsequently, and with the help of Grammy-winning producer Jeremy Loucas, he assembled his forthcoming record, From Darkness, Light.

Earlier in the year, I wrote an extensive piece about Erik’s previous single, Radiant Man – which really struck a chord. I remember sitting in my London room, lockdown had just become a reality and I had ample time to listen to the forthcoming album from start to finish, uninterrupted. It was a welcome tonic for a turbulent time. Nightcrawler was my stand-out pick from the collection, the bassline was smooth, vocals.. crisp and it had a captivating rolling rhythm.

The song itself was originally released under the title ‘The Nightcrawler‘ back in 2017. Erik decided to re-record the tune and give it a facelift, today’s release is what came of that.

The album combines the chiseled words of poet Chip Martin with Brudvik’s ability to create eerie, pensive sounds – often using obscure instrumentation. There are some superb textures to be heard within Brudvik’s compositions. I can’t write too much more about Nightcrawler – to cut to the chase, it’s just a top drawer tune and the highlight of the forthcoming album for me.

Read more about Brudini (in my previous article) – here
Released via Apollon Records.

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