Samuel Nicholson Can’t Shake off the Blues in ‘Frida’

Samuel Nicholson Music

Samuel Nicholson is a Scottish songwriter who has been plying his trade on the London live circuit recently (often found at Sam Bowcher‘s wonderful intimate BARK gigs). His music found my ears last year, on the back of a trusty recommendation from fellow Scottish singer Niamh Downes (Neev). Ballroom was the first song to get a spin, the rest followed.

Nicholson’s rugged, gravely vocal delivery is what gives him a stand-out glow. Throw in his distinct lyrical ability on top of that and you can see why many people in London have been eagerly awaiting his new album. ‘Frida‘ is a track from the forthcoming record and of course, has me itching for more.

If you would like to see a wonderful video of Samuel performing live in a back garden – give his Bramblebury Sessions performance a blast. I’ve watched it an unhealthy amount of times. (He opens his two song set with a stripped down version of ‘Frida‘)

Husky tones, poignant words and catchy melodies – that is Samuel Nicholson.

Another single drops at the end of the month.

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