The Sound Sniffer’s Lockdown Mixtape | #003

Happy Friday everybody, here is episode three of ‘The Sound Sniffer’s Lockdown Mixtape’. So many amazing songs get sent in here every day, I’m constantly blown away by some of them. Being a one-man, independent music blog, it’s tough to fit reviews in for everyone. Hopefully this series will shed light on some of this wonderful music throughout lockdown. Put on the heating, boil the kettle and unwind with today’s choices. Welcome to episode #003.

Babeluna / Who Are You

Here is a fine debut from Bebeluna, a new UK based Lo-Fi Hip-Hop artist with a definite universal appeal. This young artist is set to take up a position in London’s ever expanding Lo-Fi scene. Her debut single Who Are You was released a couple of weeks ago and proceeds her debut EP ECDYSIS, which is out this morning. Who Are You is a minimal piece with plenty of emotion in the lyrics, Bebeluna is one I’ll be keeping a close eye on in the coming months. You may need a second listen to really get into the feel of it, I missed the beauty of it on first listen but thankfully stumbled upon it again. It’s a gem.

Wassailer / 242

Wassailer Interview

Wassailer returns with a follow up to his impressive debut single ‘Son‘. His new tune is called ‘242‘ and is equally as infectious. If you want to know more about him, I did an Interview with him a couple of months ago. Huge fan of this one, there’s so much to admire about Wassailer’s music – ideas, production and execution. 242 fuses soft acoustic textures with a racing, intensive drum pattern, throw in Will’s unique vocal tone and you’ve got another stellar offering. A good tune for the late night bus that’s for sure (haven’t been on one all year sadly). Top work as per usual sir.

Flo Perlin & Pilgrims’ Dream / Life Lives Inside

This is absolutely stunning: Flo Perlin, a London-Based singer songwriter with Iraqi and Belarusian heritage and London folk artist Pilgrims’ Dream, aka Rob Ouseley, combine on this wonderful track. This is their first collaborative single – not bad for a first time eh? Life Lives Inside is released today and I’ve listened to it about five times already. The instrumentation is on point, the harmonies are of the same ilk of Ham Sandwich and the mood is perfect for my Friday cuppa. A must hear tune and fitting for the mixtape.

JW Francis / All There

I’ve featured JW Francis on the site before, he is one of those artists who always seems to get caught in the net. His brand of Lo-Fi Bedroom Indie always gets caught in my head, Francis has a knack of standing out in the crowd. His latest single ‘All There‘ is another chirpy and vibrant tune that’s found it’s way into my playlists. The charming little guitar riffs rippling through here are the standout feature.

M.J.S / Burst

I’ve been sitting on this release from South London producer M.J.S for far too long. Blogging took a back seat in September and October, just around bout the time of the release of Burst. This Stratham-Based electronic producer is no newbie on the scene – his moniker may be new but he’s made a name for himself producing for others, including FairyLoXx and LilTrubz. He also composes scores for video games and Theatre – a highly talented bloke. Burst is a really well crafted single for those soft, house music fans.

Lxury / Tokyo

Been listening to Lxury for years, his music never fails to make a dancefloor bounce (in normal times). Ever since I heard South African Producer Jazzuelle give Lxury’s single ‘J.A.W.S‘ a spin in his Boiler Room set (one of my favourite Boiler Room moments) , I’ve been tracking the talented Brit. Chuffed to discover his new track Tokyo in my submissions inbox this morning, a real treat and it features the voice of Jadu Heart too.

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