The Sound Sniffer’s Lockdown Mixtape | #005

Continuing on with the daily lockdown mixtape, I’ve got five more brand new tracks for you. This feature has been a nice little distraction and at least, it takes up an hour or so. We’ve nearly got through one weekend of lockdown 2.0 – it’s been such a weird year, my daily routine is so dull and monotonous – I’m becoming more sloth-like every passing day. The music helps, the writing helps – Welcome to epsiode five.

Catch92 / Flee

This weekend, Manchester-based producer Catch92 released one of those lovely downtempo growling bass tunes, you know, the ones that play in those swanky Boiler Rooms…on Tel Aviv rooftops. Listening to Flee made me reflect on all those mad days of raving I had in my early twenties – Paradigm Fesival, Life Festival, Eurosonic – oh those days. We could sway, play and move freely to the tranquil melodies. It’s a far cry from what I’m upto right now – drafting a review, flicking through premier league scores (hoping my FPL picks will score) and eating Rice Krispies. Get me back out there, I’d pay money to hear Flee on mega Bose speakers.

Bandanna / Ghost Home

A totally different type of song here compared to the bass-y opening selection. Ghost Home is a wash of uplifting chords, vibrant vocals and a rip-roaring tempo. I haven’t featured a pure Indie Folk tune up on the site for a little while and this just seems fitting. This brings me back to the days of listening to Daughter in my bedroom, whilst at the same time, updating my BEBO page. Since then, my musical taste has expanded dramatically into obscure places- saying this, I’m pleasantly impressed with Ghost Home. This Florida-based four-piece are hitting all the right notes.

Dekker / The Love

One half of Indie-Folk duo Rue Royale, Brookln Dekker (Dekker) has decided to expand his reach and give solo work a go, The Love is a by-product of this. This new solo route gives him a chance to insert a little more personal emotion into his compositons. Blending subtle guitar melodies with his high-pitched falsetto, Dekker gives this track a nice edge – I’ve been meaning to share this one for a while, it’s been in the queue. Uplifting and chirpy and I like the way he wears his sun hat.

Bicep / Apricots

I just have to include this one, it’s not from my submissions inbox but it just couldn’t be overlooked. The best night I’ve ever had in London came at a Bicep gig down in Fabric. It was a Tuesday night, the place was packed to the rafters – Andy and Matt were blaring the tunes and the whole place was steaming. Halfway through the night, I decided to make a run for the backstage door and chance my arm with security (mainly to avoid the packed crowd on the dancefloor). I walked up to the security guard and for some reason, she let me into the green room. The in-between moments are hazy, mainly due to the fierce amount of JD + cokes consumed, the next defining memory that follows is standing behind the decks with the two lads, after somehow managing to slink into the booth. I stayed there for three hours, bopping and waving about like a madman, the lads never told me to f*ck off – utter gents. Someone actually high fived me after the gig, thinking I was one of the Bicep’s – brilliant. Here is their new song.

Badliana / Spiders

Bristol-based Badliana is relatively new artist and Spiders is her second single. I was sent this one recently and was instantly intruiged by it’s catchy nature. Normally, I’d verge on saying this kind of Indie pop is too commercial for my palate, but this one has just enough star quality to stop me in my tracks. It doesn’t take much to be drawn in by the charm of this track, the production is smart and incisive and Badliana’s vocals are delish. The more you listen, the more it grows, it even has one of them bass-lines that works well on those powerful car speakers boy-racers have. Her debut single, Make Me Cry, is also nice and fluid. Lovely stuff and one to watch.

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